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Bruce Reilly

Deputy Director

Voice of the Experienced (VOTE)

Bruce Reilly is the deputy director committed to engaging and empowering directly impacted people through a community health approach to criminal justice reform. Over the past two decades, Reilly has assisted people with direct legal representation, which led him to community organizing and policy advocacy. He has been a leading contributor for significant reforms including probation reform, overdose prevention, unshackling pregnant prisoners, sentencing reforms, and reducing discrimination in employment, housing, and voting rights. His report and model policy on criminal background checks in public housing was central to the Housing Authority of New Orleans passing a policy held up as a national model. Reilly was integral to the filing of VOTE v. Louisiana, a lawsuit filed in 2016 to allow 70,000 taxpayers to regain their citizenship and the ability to vote. Reilly is the co-founder of the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People and Families Movement and the Transcending Through Education Foundation.

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