Characteristics of Narrative Poetry

Follow your stream of consciousness as far as it can go and see where you end up. Main character, is the character whose story is being told as they work toward a goal or face a challenge. Narratives are like a piece of music that uses different instruments. All its characteristics work together to form one story that ultimately makes sense. The three most commonly used points of view are the first, second, and third points of view.

Is the narrator a reliable witness or lying to themselves or the reader? In the novel “Gone Girl,” by Gillian Flynn, the reader is forced to constantly revise her opinion as to the honesty and guilt of the husband Nick and his missing wife. In “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, the narrator is Humbert Humbert, a pedophile who constantly justifies his actions despite the damage that Nabokov illustrates he’s doing. When writing a story, it is vital to consider the character’s traits and how they will impact the story’s events.

Purpose of Narrative Essays

Most academic essays are standardized, meaning they should be written and formatted in a certain way, following a set of rules. So make sure to check the formatting and citation style you have to use and check the step-by-step writing guide we linked to below. Writing a linear narrative doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of a descriptive or viewpoint narrative. If your nonlinear essay about the five best summers of your life calls for a passage that shows the reader everything you saw, smelled, and swatted away one year at camp, write that passage. • Here, the narrators have point of view and they explain their views specifically. Here the first person usually describes the events that happened to him. For that, they use ‘I’ , on the other hand, the third person narrator illustrates the situation as an observer.

Or maybe there has yet a remarkable event to happen to you today. Maybe today is just like any other typical weekday of mandatory lessons, discussions, and exercises. So between classes and during recess, you catch yourself spacing out and daydreaming of adventures in far-off places. Wouldn’t you want to embark on such a quest, or at the very least, weave such a tale, when given the golden opportunity to do so? All the remedy you need in times of boredom is your imagination. Stories can be acquired throughout various means including interviews, informal observations, conversations, journals, letters, or memory boxes.

Main Characteristics of Narrative Text

Have the student consider the emotions they want to leave the reader with when crafting their resolution. A good practical exercise for students to get to grips with this is to provide copies of stories and have them identify the central problem or conflict in each through discussion.

  • In this final section of the essay, the writer reflects on the experience presented in the narration and discusses the lesson learned or larger importance of the story.
  • The purpose of narrative poetry is for the narrator to tell a series of events.
  • Specific measurements can add to details about shape, time and size.
  • The literature review plays a minor role with the inquirer learning about the participant through field texts that document the individual’s story in his or her own words.

You’ll notice that certain parts get “fast-forwarded” while others split from the logical, linear narrative and involve more abstract, descriptive language. The antagonist isn’t necessarily the “bad guy”; they are simply characteristics of narrative the character or force imposing obstacles for the protagonist to overcome. In many narratives, the antagonist is a person, a force of nature, the protagonist’s society, or even an aspect of the protagonist’s personality.

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This three act structure primarily pertains to the plot of a narrative film, but also allows for structured character arcs, another facet of narrative film. As is the case with any other vague film term, “narrative film” can be hard to define as it does not have specific rules.

  • The plot of a story can be a single, in-depth, continuous sequence of events that make up the story.
  • For Dumèzil, these functions were so vital, they manifested themselves in every aspect of life and were at the center of everyday life.
  • To train the student out of this habit, choose an adjective and have the student rewrite the sentence to express this adjective through action rather than telling.
  • The purpose of a narrative text is to entertain through storytelling.
  • So between classes and during recess, you catch yourself spacing out and daydreaming of adventures in far-off places.

You learn to express and share thoughts consistently and intriguingly so people would get involved and inspired by your story. In a narrative essay, you simply guide a reader and allow them to draw own conclusions.


This leaves them more vulnerable to the surprise element of the shocking action that lies ahead. To start writing narrative poetry, think about how to build the narrator who is telling the story- what characteristics do you want them to have? Think of how you want the beginning, middle and end of a character’s plot to play out.

  • In the case of The Day the Dancers Came, a reader would most likely find it strange how a fifty year old man such as Fil act like a young child eager to watch the dancers from the Philippines.
  • However, some texts – such as biographies, autobiographies and historical novels – can combine qualities of both types of text.
  • The style of a narrative is a choice made by the author based in part on the genre, purpose and structure of the text.

Present tense is a useful default tense to write in when your writing context is not particularly interested in the aspect of time. The narrative essay, in contrast, certainly emphasizes the aspect of time because you are telling a story which occurred in the past.

Use of Personal Pronouns

This scene bears resemblance to the story of The Fox and the Crow in the Panchatantra. On a miniature jar, the story of the thirsty crow and deer is depicted, of how the deer could not drink from the narrow mouth of the jar, while the crow succeeded by dropping stones into the jar. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Narrative texts are diverse, but they always resemble each other due to their type of structure. In the closing of a narration, the questions that arise during the story are revealed. The author is the one who gives a style to the narrative text, which can be direct , indirect or free . Edit your essay-in this segment proofread your essay and correct errors to improve style and clarity.

The modern novel is often credited with being the first narrative art form that was widely read by a large audience. A motif is something that recurs in a narrative and helps you stitch the parts of your essay together. It can be some kind of idea, object, word, image, or thought that supports your main point. Any seemingly complex machine can become simplistic once its disassembled and all its parts are thoroughly studied. Even the most complicated contraption can be simplified if broken into fundamental parts.

Key Takeaways: Narrative Definition

These tales were recounted and passed down orally through memory before they were documented in written language. Narrative poetry before introducing a auote usually has one narrator who chronicles their tale of events. Some of the most famous examples of an epic are the Homeric epics.

  • The vivid details are there, and the consistent POV and verb tense, as well.
  • Whether you think it qualifies as a narrative movie or not, Arrival of a Train undoubtedly opened the doors for filmmakers to create definitive narrative films.
  • The narrative structure of a novel or film often includes the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
  • In the Western Apache tribe, stories can be used to warn of the misfortune that befalls people when they do not follow acceptable behavior.

In classical storytelling, a character is a hero who has to set off on a journey and deal with all antagonists and conflicts to come back home with a reward or wisdom. Doing so, you learn to voice your opinion, views, and beliefs to the world.


The plot contains the events that take the protagonist from an initial state in the story’s beginning to a final state. Weir’s plot is about a man who gets accidentally abandoned on the surface of Mars. In the outcome the conflict is resolved in some way, and the events of the story reach a closing point. However, it must be taken into account that there are ways in which an author can organize the sequences and threads of a story. He does not participate in the story, but he knows both the actions and the thoughts of all the characters.

García Márquez uses that to illustrate the peculiar almost magical inability of the townspeople to stop a murder they know is going to happen. The definition of narrative is a piece of writing that tells a story, and it is one of four classical rhetorical modes or ways that writers use to present information. The others include an exposition, which explains and analyzes an idea or set of ideas; an argument, which attempts to persuade the reader to a particular point of view; and a description, a written form of a visual experience. The story’s setting can be chosen to quickly orient the reader to the type of story they are reading. For example, a fictional narrative writing piece such as a horror story will often begin with a description of a haunted house on a hill or an abandoned asylum in the middle of the woods.

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