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Records relating to certain misdemeanor charges that terminated without conviction may be sealed by the court after two years, or sooner if the prosecutor waives the waiting period, so long as the person does not have a disqualifying arrest or conviction. D.C. Code §§ 16-803(a)(1), (e), 16-801(5)–(9).

Ineligible Category or Citation

See subsections (5) to (9) for eligible and ineligible offenses. D.C. Code §§ 16-801(5)-(9).

Procedure General

The petition must be filed in Superior Court, with service on the prosecutor. For specific procedure, see D.C. Code §§ 16-803 et seq.


No statutory language.


The person need not disclose the arrest or charge in response to any inquiry except when directly questioned for jury service or in an application to an entity specified in D.C. Code §§ 16-803(m), 16-801(11).

Waiting Periods

The petition may be filed two years after termination of the case without conviction, or sooner if the prosecutor waives the waiting period.

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