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Records relating to multiple adjudications for cases can be expunged, so long as five years have elapsed since the last adjudication and the person is not subject to a disqualifying event. 10 Del. C. § 1018(a)(4).

Ineligible Category or Citation

To be eligible for expungement under this column, petitioner may not have: (a) adjudications for certain serious offenses as outlined in section 1015(b); (b) adjudications for violent felonies as defined under Title 11; (c) adjudications for felony sex offenses; (d) adult convictions; or (e) pending criminal charges. 10 Del. C. § 1015(b), 1018(a)(4). Traffic offenses under Title 21 may not be expunged, except for a felony conviction for driving while under the influence. 10 Del. C. § 1015(b).

Procedure General

The petition must be filed in the Family Court in the county where the most recent case was terminated, disposed of, or concluded, even if the petition includes cases from more than one county. 10 Del. C. § 1015(c).

The Court can order the expungement of charges originating in a different county. 10 Del. C. § 1015(e).

The petitioner must attach a copy of their criminal history as maintained by the State Bureau of Identification. 10 Del. C. § 1015(d)(3).

The Court can order the expungement of the records if it finds that the continued existence and possible dissemination of information relating to the arrest of the petitioner causes, or may cause, a manifest injustice to the petitioner. 10 Del. C. § 1018(d).

For the specific procedure, see 10 Del. C. §§ 1015, 1018(b)-(e).


The State Bureau of Identification can charge a reasonable fee for providing a certified copy of the petitioner's criminal history. 10 Del. C. § 1015(d)(3).


If an order expunging a juvenile criminal history is granted by the court, all indications of the arrest, including police and court records and any electronic records relating to the arrest, will be removed from the files within 60 days and placed under the control of the Supervisor of the State Bureau of Identification (SBI). The SBI Supervisor will ensure that neither the records nor the information are released for any reason except as specified in section 1019. 10 Del. C. § 1019(a).

Waiting Periods

A petition may be filed five years after the last adjudication.

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