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An adjudication for a sex crime may be vacated if such crime resulted from the petitioner being trafficked for sexual servitude or a victim of sexual exploitation. Ga. Code Ann. § 15-11-32(d).
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Ineligible Category or Citation

This provision applies only to a sexual crime as defined in Section 16-3-6. Ga. Code Ann. § 15-11-32(d).

Procedure General

Any party to the proceeding, the probation officer, or any other person having supervision or legal custody of or an interest in a child may petition the court for the relief provided. For specific procedure, see Ga. Code Ann. § 15-11-32.


There is no statutory language on fees.


The order of adjudication is vacated. Ga. Code Ann. § 15-11-32.

Waiting Periods

The petition may be filed at any time following the adjudication.

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