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Records of an arrest for a felony, other than a serious violent felony or a felony sexual offense against a person under age 16, are restricted by the Georgia Crime Information Center four years after arrest if, in that time, the case is not transferred or referred for prosecution or the grand jury returns a no bill without further action. Ga. Code Ann. § 35-3-37(h)(1)(A)(ii)(II).
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Ineligible Category or Citation

This section applies to felonies, but excludes serious violent felony or a felony sexual offense against a person under age 16. Ga. Code Ann. § 35-3-37(h)(1)(A)(ii)(II).

Procedure General

The Georgia Crime Information Center shall restrict access to the record when it does not receive notice, within four years, from the arresting law enforcement agency that the offense has been referred to the prosecuting attorney or transferred to another law enforcement or prosecutorial agency. Ga. Code Ann. § 35-3-37(h).

Thereafter, a petition can be filed with the court to seal all criminal history record information maintained by the clerk of the court for the person's charge. Click here for more information.

Request may be made to restrict access to the appropriate court or detention center records. Click here for more information.


There is no statutory language regarding fees.


Restricted criminal history record information is available only for specified law enforcement purposes and for employment with criminal justice agencies, and will not be disclosed or otherwise made available to any private persons, businesses, government agencies, or licensing or regulating agencies. Ga. Code Ann. § 35-3-37(a)(6).

If the center receives notice of the filing of an indictment subsequent to the restriction of the record, the center will make the record available. If the center does not receive notice of a charging instrument within 30 days, such record will be restricted for noncriminal justice purposes and will be considered sealed. Ga. Code Ann. § 35-3-37(h)(1).

Waiting Periods

The record is restricted by the Georgia Crime Information Center after four years if the conditions are satisfied.

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