Overview Description

Records relating to delinquency proceedings will be sealed upon the person's turning 18, or 21 in matters where the court extended jurisdiction to age 21. 19 GCA § 5124(a).

Ineligible Category or Citation

There is no statutory language regarding ineligible offenses.

Procedure General

The records are automatically sealed.


There is no statutory language regarding fees.


Any person whose record has been sealed may deny the delinquency proceedings on any official form, document, or application for public or private employment. 19 GCA § 5124(a).

It is unlawful for any person to require, or to inquire into, as a condition of employment, continued employment, or promotion, any information with respect to whether or not any person has been the subject of juvenile delinquency proceedings. 19 GCA § 5124(d).

Waiting Periods

The records are sealed at age 18, or 21 if the court's jurisdiction over that person was extended to age 21.

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