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The record of a criminal case can be expunged by the court 180 days after acquittal or dismissal. Iowa Code § 901C.2(2)(a)(1).

Ineligible Category or Citation

All public offenses defined under section 692.1 are eligible for expungement. Iowa Code § 901C.2(5). Records relating to arrests dismissed pursuant to a deferred judgment under section 907.9 are not eligible for expungement under this section. Iowa Code § 901C.2(4)

Procedure General

A motion can be filed by the defendant or prosecutor in the court, or the court can independently enter an order expunging the court record. Iowa Code § 901C.2(2)(a). For the specific procedure see Iowa Code § 901C.2.


There is no statutory language regarding a fee for expungement. All legal financial obligations must have been met. Iowa Code § 901C.2(2)(a)(2).


Court records of the case are confidential and exempt from public access. Iowa Code §§ 901C.2(b)(3), 907.1.

Waiting Periods

The application can be filed 180 days after acquittal or dismissal.


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