Overview Description

A record relating to dismissed charges, whether the court dismissed the petition or found the child to be not delinquent, will be expunged  with the dismissal. KRS § 610.330(7).

Ineligible Category or Citation

There is no statutory language regarding ineligible offenses.

Procedure General

The child should not have to do anything to obtain the immediate, concurrent expungement. KRS § 610.330(7).


There is no statutory language regarding fees.


The court can expunge all records in the petitioner's case in the custody of the court and of any other agency or official, including law enforcement and public or private elementary and secondary school records. KRS § 610.330(5).

Upon the entry of an order to expunge the records, the proceedings in the case will be deemed never to have occurred and all index references will be deleted. KRS § 610.330(6).

The person whose record is expunged will not have to disclose the record or any matter relating to it on an application for employment, credit, or other type of application. KRS § 610.330(6).

Waiting Periods

The expungement of the record is immediate upon dismissal.

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