Overview Description

An adjudication for prostitution or related offenses that resulted from being a victim of human trafficking can be set aside, and the related records expunged and sealed, by the court immediately. La. Child. Code Ann. Art. 923.

Ineligible Category or Citation

There is no statutory language on ineligible persons or offenses.

Procedure General

The motion must be filed with the court possessing the records, with service on the district attorney. For the specific procedure, see La. Child. Code Ann. Art. 923.


There are no fees allowed. La. Child. Code Ann. Art. 924.


Upon an order of expungement and sealing, the records and reports shall be expunged and sealed and the underlying conduct and conditions are considered nonexistent and shall not be made available to any person. No person whose juvenile records and reports have been expunged and sealed shall be required to disclose to any person that he was arrested or adjudicated or that the records and reports of arrest or adjudication have been expunged and sealed. For further information on effect, see La. Child. Code Ann. Art. 921, 922.

Waiting Periods

The motion may be filed at any time after adjudication.

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