Overview Description

Records of a case for which a pardon has been granted are sealed immediately. ALM GL ch. 127, § 152.

Ineligible Category or Citation

There is no statutory language regarding ineligibility.

Procedure General

Upon approval of a petition for pardon, the governor shall direct all proper officers to seal all records relating to the offense for which the person received the pardon. ALM GL ch. 127, § 152.


There is no fee.


Sealed records shall not disqualify a person in any examination, appointment or application for employment or other benefit, public or private, including, but not limited to, licenses, credit or housing, nor shall such sealed record be admissible in evidence or used in any way in any court proceeding or hearing before any board, commission or other agency except in imposing sentence in subsequent criminal proceedings and certain other court proceedings. On applications the person may deny having been convicted. ALM GL ch. 127, § 152.

Waiting Periods

There is no waiting period.

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