Overview Description

Records of conviction for a first-offense felony committed before age 21 can be expunged by the court after seven years. ALM GL ch. 276, § 100G, I.

Ineligible Category or Citation

See ALM GL ch. 276, § 100J.

Procedure General

The petition must be filed on a form furnished by the Commissioner of Probation. For the specific procedure, see ALM GL ch. 276, § 100G.


There is no statutory language on fees.


The person cannot be held under any provision of any law to be guilty of perjury or otherwise giving a false statement for failure to recite or acknowledge the record, or portion thereof, in response to any inquiry for any purpose. ALM GL ch. 276, § 100M.

The expunged record shall not operate to disqualify a person in any examination, appointment or application for employment with any county agency, municipal agency or state agency, nor shall expunged records be admissible in evidence or used in any way in any court proceedings or hearings before any boards or commissions or in determining suitability for the practice of any trade or profession requiring licensure. ALM GL ch. 276, § 100N.

Waiting Periods

The petition can be filed seven years after the date the offense occurred.

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