Overview Description

Records relating to a case dismissed after the successful completion of a deferred judgment are expunged. 22 Okl. St. § 991c(C).

Ineligible Category or Citation

Registerable sex offense are ineligible for deferred judgment. 22 Okl. St. § 991c(G).

Procedure General


The procedure is automatic. Upon the completion of the conditions of deferred judgment, the court dismisses the charge and orders the expungement of the record. For the specific procedure, see 22 Okl. St. § 991c.

Subsequently, petitioners eligible under 22 Okl. St. § 18 can petition the court for an additional expungement.


There is no statutory language regarding fees.


The records are sealed to the public but not to law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes and are available for subsequent criminal prosecution. The person remains eligible to seek expungement pursuant to section 18 of title 22. 22 Okl. St. § 991c.

Waiting Periods

The expungement is ordered upon the successful completion of the conditions of the deferred judgment. 22 Okl. St. § 991c(C).

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