Overview Description

A record relating to a person whose most serious adjudication was a felony can be destroyed upon an application to the agency in possession of the records at the discretion of that agency. Tex. Fam. Code Ann. § 58.264(b)(3).

Ineligible Category or Citation

There is no statutory language regarding ineligible offenses.

Procedure General

An application can be submitted to the entity in possession or control of the records that the person seeks to have destroyed. Tex. Fam. Code Ann. § 58.264(a).


There is no statutory language regarding fees.


For information about which records can be destroyed if the record contains information about more than one person referred to a juvenile probation department, see Tex. Fam. Code Ann. § 58.263(c).

For further information about the effect of destruction, see Tex. Fam. Code Ann. §§ 58.263(d)-(h).


Waiting Periods

The application can be made if the person is at least 31 years of age.

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