Overview Description

Records relating to an arrest, investigation, and detention that resulted in a traffic offense conviction may be eligible for a certificate of expungement, so long as 3 years have passed since the arrest for Class C misdemeanors or infractions and 4 years have passed since the arrest for Class B misdemeanors or infractions. Utah Code Ann. § 77-40a-302.

Ineligible Category or Citation

See Utah Code Ann. § 77-40a-302(2) for ineligibility.

Procedure General

The petitioner must include with the petition the original criminal history report obtained from the Bureau of Criminal Identification in accordance with the provisions of section 53-10-108 and any agency known or alleged to have any records related to the offense for which expungement is being sought. Utah Code Ann. § 80-6-1004(c).


There is no statutory language on fees.


The person can respond to any inquiry as though the arrest or conviction did not occur. Utah Code Ann. § 77-40a-401 (2).

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